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"Caring for Special Friends"
Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ


June, 2016

Highlighting three organizations that work with Jewish special needs individuals, this video was created to show how the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ helps fund and support these programs.

One of the main goals of the video is to obtain the support of the Federation's donors.

I am also credited with camera & lighting for Debbie Friedman's interview segments.


This video was featured on the Federation's "100 Days of Impact" fundraising page, in order to assist with the goal of raising $2 million for the Jewish Federation.

Mariah Christi - Music Videos

Camera | Lighting | Editor | Audio Recording Engineer

April, 2015

This series of three music videos showcases performing artist, Mariah Christi. I was responsible for the audio recordings & mixing and complete production of the videos.

Also included in the series is an interview with Mariah Christi.

Click here to view all of the videos in this series.

Rowan Television Network's 8th Annual Telethon

Associate Producer | Package Editor | Technical Supervisor

Air Date: April 15th, 2015

RTN's 8th Annual Telethon was a 5 hour live multi-studio broadcast that featured live performances, interviews, video packages, etc. We raised over $6,500 for the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity. My duties included technical preproduction, technical supervising, and producing & editing video packages.

Change of Tides: The William Roberts Story

Producer | Editor | Camera | Lighting

Released January, 2015

In this 20 minute documentary, William Roberts shares his experiences while aboard the USS Emmons during World War II. The Emmons holds the distinction of being the first ship to fire and the first to be fired upon during D-Day. The ship was eventually sunk off the coast of Okinawa after sustaining major damage by Japanese Kamikaze pilots in April of 1945. William Roberts survived the attack.

The Philippine Benefit Special: Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Executive Producer | Technical Supervisor | Motion Graphics

2014 CBI Finalist - Best Special Broadcast

Air Date: December 3rd, 2013

Completely student led, this benefit special featured interviews, musical acts and videos concerning the disaster. We hoped to raise money and awareness for the typhoon. All proceeds from the benefit will go to Waves for Water. This was a Rowan Television Network Production

Spitting Bars


December, 2013

"Spitting Bars" was a thirty minute live talk show about modern-day rapping created for a television production class. This program featured interviews with two rappers, man-on-the-street style interviews, and live performances

My Scary Story

Producer | Editor | Camera

Golden Tripod Award Nominee - Best Editing
Campus MovieFest

March, 2013

Joe is a young man living in suburban New Jersey. He recounts his experience with the supernatural and disturbing other side of reality in the first episode in the new homage to Discovery's "A Haunting."

This was a comedy short produced for Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival.